Grantee Partners

The Fund’s approach to the issue of gender-based violence is multi-pronged, supporting three key approaches as part of our anti-violence and safety strategy:


Address the root causes of gender-based violence at the individual, community, and systemic level.


Support efforts and movements that intervene in the cycle of violence.


Create spaces for long-term individual and community healing to shift the narrative from victim to survivor.

Grantee Partners

For its grantmaking cycle in December 2018, The Fund prioritized organizations led by and for communities of color that give voice to women, immigrants, and LGBTQ people. The first grant recipients of The Fund include:

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective

Increasing mental health literacy for black men and boys and interrupts behaviors and norms of misogyny and violence against women.

Los Angeles, CA

Black Women’s Blueprint

Healing services, training and individual culturally and linguistically competent crisis intervention for survivors.

New York City

DC Rape Crisis Center

Trauma-informed, culturally specific services for survivors through a 24-hour hotline and individual and group counseling.

Washington, D.C.

Equality Labs

Survivor centered leadership training centering South Asian women, gender non-conforming, and trans leaders from religious and cultural minority backgrounds.



Survivor wealth programs including online self-help compensation tool, financial trauma recovery app, and systems change policy work focused on credit, litigation abuse.

Los Angeles, CA

The Firecracker Foundation

Programs for teen survivors of sexual trauma including tools for exploring identity, autonomy and healing from a youth perspective.

Lansing, MI

The "me too." Movement

Creation of a comprehensive online platform, national healing circles, survivor leadership training, and narrative shift work.


Washington Area Women's Foundation

Investing in the power of women and girls of color in the Washington DC region.

Washington, DC

The Women's Foundation of California

Achieving racial, economic, and gender justice by centering the experience and expertise of communities most impacted by systemic injustice.

Oakland, CA

Violence Intervention Program

Digital storytelling to support survivors in crafting, owning, and potentially sharing their experiences through a multimedia process.

New York, New York

Women's Foundation for a Greater Memphis

Encouraging philanthropy and fostering leadership among women and support programs that enable women and children to reach their full potential.

Memphis, TN

Women's Foundation of Minnesota

Investing in innovative community-based, community-led solutions to ensure equal opportunity and pathways to economic security for girls, women, and families across Minnesota.

Minneapolis, MN

Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts

Fueling progress toward gender equity by funding the most promising solutions, collaborating with results-oriented partners, and by elevating the collective power of local women to take charge, and to lead with purpose.

Springfield, MA

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