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Pinpoint Foundation

What does it mean to you to be a partner with The New York Women’s Foundation in the Me Too Fund?

Ending rape culture requires a multi-pronged approach as its tentacles reach far and wide. Funding the “home” of Tarana Burke, honoring her crucial role in bringing national attention to how many women are survivors of sexual assault, was a natural decision for Pinpoint Foundation. We are proud to be partners with The New York Women’s Foundation and Tarana Burke.

Your work supports survivor leadership aiming to eradicate gender based violence and sexual assault. Why is it important for funders to support work led by and for survivors and others impacted by gender based violence?

Everyone deserves a chance to reach their full potential. Living under constant threat of physical violence by a culture that doesn’t value women deprives many people of opportunity. Community and survivor-led organizations know best how to serve their communities’ unique experiences and should be supported as crucial partners in the work.

How can funders unite to transform the landscape of justice for survivors across the country?

Funders can review the field and see where successful and crucial work is being done, and support existing organizations. Funders can also inquire about grantees from other funders to learn about organizations doing work in geographical areas that are often overlooked or doing work led by communities not often in positions of power.


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