Fund Members

The Fund for the Me Too Movement and Allies is a community of philanthropic funders working to combat sexual violence, uplift survivors and support healthy communities.

Why Join?

As part of our broader anti-violence and safety strategy, The New York Women’s Foundation has partnered with Tarana Burke, Founder of the ‘me too’ Movement, to launch The Fund for the Me Too Movement and Allies to support the leaders, activists and advocates of the ‘me too’ Movement. With a community-centered approach, The Fund supports programs and initiatives that have long been under-invested–including women of color, immigrants, and LGBTQI individuals–in their work of preventing and eliminating gender-based violence and centering the healing of survivors.

The Fund is a collaborative effort spearheaded and managed by The Foundation in partnership with philanthropic organizations and donors assembled from across the country.

Through this collaboration, philanthropy is mobilized to increase sustained investments for organizations that are working to end gender-based violence:

  • The Fund’s collaborative nature creates a multiplier effect. As new funding
 partners join forces, investments continue to grow, ultimately reaching more
 communities by allowing more grants to be disbursed.
  • The Fund assembles philanthropic partners from all corners of the U.S. to support
 grassroot, community-based organizations led by and for women. This enables
 The Fund to have a national presence from both a funder and programmatic
 perspective through its funding and grantee partners.
  • We connect funding partners with the work on the ground. While the Fund is
 national in scale, it utilizes local experts that enable funding partners to have a
 greater connection to their work.

We welcome your support and partnership in the fight to eliminate gender-based violence To learn more about becoming a funding partner, please contact Dominique-Laura Pierce at

Funding Partners