Our Approach

Uplifting the leadership of survivors and supporting individual healing and healthy communities.

The Fund for the Me Too Movement and Allies was established in 2018 in partnership with ‘me too’ Movement Founder and Leader Tarana Burke to ensure support for and uplift the leadership of survivors of sexual violence. The Fund invests in cis, trans, and gender nonbinary activists of color and organizations around the country working to interrupt and prevent sexual violence and promote the healing of individuals and communities.

The New York Women’s Foundation is joined by funding partners: CBS, Inc., InFaith Community Foundation, The Nathan Cummings Foundation and The Pinpoint Foundation.

This site is a hub for information, strategies, and resources for philanthropic funders. Fund Partners are encouraged to submit news, events, research and insights by emailing Dominique-Laura Pierce at dpierce@nywf.org.

Leveraging investments and increasing impact.

The Fund for the Me To Movement and Allies builds on The New York Women’s Foundation’s collaborative funds approach to leveraging investment and increasing impact. The Foundation houses three funding collaboratives: The New York City Fund for Girls and Young Women of Color, The Fund for the Me Too Movement and Allies and The Justice Fund. With more than three decades of experience investing in community-led organizations working at the intersection of economic, gender and racial justice, we bring a unique perspective that cannot be found anywhere else. This includes our ground-up approach of funding solutions by women for their communities and engaging community in decision making through grantmaking and other participatory processes.

Working at the intersection of economic, gender and racial justice.

The Fund supports a wide-range of advocacy and direct response services for survivors and their families with a deep understanding that gender-based violence is directly intertwined with many issue areas, including economic justice, individual and community health, education, mass incarceration, and human rights, including immigrant and LGBTQI+ rights.

Engaging women’s foundations across the country.

The Fund partners with women’s foundations across the country to leverage their expertise in identifying and supporting regional and local survivor-led organizations for investment. In collaboration with The Fund, partnering women’s foundations support survivor-led work to advance healing and prevent and address sexual and gender-based violence within their respective communities; deepen capacity building to better serve the needs and sustainability of local grantee partners; and engage with communities to leverage local expertise to develop and implement their strategies in the community.

The partnership’s initial membership includes the Washington Area Women’s Foundation, Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, and Women’s Foundation of California. We welcome the partnership of other public women’s foundations.

“Work focused on supporting survivors of sexual violence has happened in our communities for years, but too many people and organizations struggle to move the needle because they simply don’t have the resources. It’s our goal that The Fund will make that reality less of a norm because we know real change happens when we support and empower organizers and organizations at the grassroots.”

Tarana Burke, founder of the ‘me too.’ Movement